Waimea Airport Logistics Park Szczecin Goleniow

Waimea Airport Logistisc Park Szczecin Goleniow is designed as a multimodal facility. The location of the terminal’s cargo is located at the Szczecin-Goleniów Airport on a parcel of approximately 4.5 ha. The project is implemented jointly with Rose Hall International LLP.


  • A modern warehouse and production complex
  • Office and social space
  • Convenient connection to route S6 and S3
  • Distance of 30 km from Szczecin
  • Excellent location for multimodal transport services – air and wheeled

Technical specification

  • Modern warehouses: class A
  • Clear height: 10 m
  • Uniform spread load >5 t/sqm
  • Modern reloading devices
  • X-ray device for the control of air cargo
  • Security systems including a detector of trace amounts of explosives
  • Access to the airport plate