Waimea Holding S.A. in Restructuring
Wiertnicza 133 street, 02-952 Warszawa
NIP: 5213679900
KRS: 0000525664
Registered Court: District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register
Share capital: 82.884.120,00 PLN PLN, fully paid.


Grenda Low Office

phone: + 48 61 670 73 73



According to information from the Court and the Administrator, Waimea Holding S.A. is in the final stage of the arrangement proceedings and is awaiting the court’s decision on the validity of the arrangement.

Upon receiving the decision, the company will inform its creditors – bondholders and others – in an appropriate letter and will also begin making payments in accordance with the terms of the arrangement.

Board od Directors

Andrzej Julian Rosiński – President of the Board
Konrad Surowiecki – Vice President of the Board

Supervisory Board

Małgorzata Sławińska-Rosińska – Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Jacek Klimczak – Member of the Supervisory Board
Jerzy Głuszyński – Member of the Supervisory Board
Märki Martin – Member of the Supervisory Board