East A4 Logistics Park Korczowa

Waimea Logistic Park Korczowa is a warehouse, logistic and production center with a total planned construction area of approx. 50,000 sqm. It will consist of 4 modern class A halls designed in accordance with the requirements of modern warehouse and logistics management that can be adapted to the needs of distribution and production companies.


  • New halls, area adapted to the individual needs of tenants
  • A minimum module available from approx. 650 sqm
  • About 1.5 km from the “Korczowa” A4 highway junction
  • About 3 km from the border crossing with Ukraine “Korczowa-Krakowiec”
  • Customer service at the highest level

Technical specification

  • Storage height in the light: 10 m
  • Load-bearing capacity of dust-free floor: 5t/sqm
  • Column grid: 18mx12m or 12m x 24 m
  • Docks equipped with self-leveling hydraulic ramps
  • Gates from the “0” level (optional)
  • Gas heating
  • Fire protection systems
  • Availability of modern teleinformatic solutions
  • The area of the park is fenced and protected 24/7
  • Vast maneuvering areas